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2024 – Maybe

I have been hearing, and since I could, memorising, and being taught, studying, learning, and  even teaching the Scriptures the entirety of my life. So I thought you might want to know what I know about the return of Christ for His Bride in 2024. Lots of people have been predicting  the date of His return since the Disciples likely thought it would be during their lifetime. They were wrong, of course, along with everyone else who has chosen a date and made a lot of noise about it. But, I know the Truth.  Furthermore, I am willing to tell you what I know about the date. Absolutely nothing. Which is what everyone else knows as well.

Here is what I do know – it could be in 2024, or in the next few days left in 2023. The real issue is you must be ready to stand before Him  and be judged for your sin (the unbelief of Christ’s redemption from the curse of sin and death through His blood on your behalf). Either you are a new creation in Christ Jesus, or you are not, period. If not, you  must be confident that He will not come in 2024, and you will still be alive to see 2025. That is the “iffy” part. You are betting that you have more time, and can handle this later. So…I also know that you can be “born anew” now, and be certain you will not be separated from Him forever. Find someone (I am available – to help you with that (see Romans 10:9-10, 13)

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