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Old Sayings

Some of the things that we hear stick with us. As we grow older some seem to fade from our mouth and, I suppose, from out mind. I know one 0ld saying that is absolutely true is on my mind – “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

I was watching a  “You Tube” video of a filmed trip along the coast of California. I  made that trip long ago, and seeing  again some of the incredible beauty that lies in that stretch of “Highway No. 1” reminded me of how beautiful  are  the workings of God hands in creation. The Pacific Ocean, the incredible rock formations, the incomparable Redwoods, and the varied places where one can hike to visuals beyond compare, yet seen by so few people who seldom travel far from the familiar, reminds me of the Truths of Gods revelations (in His Word) which His family of Believers never really come to understand, thereby missing the lights that guide us, guard us, keep us, and fill our days with peace, comfort, joy, and certainty.

Down here on the farm, I see, almost every day, the beauty of the trees around the lake, and through the hills, and in Spring the flowers, in fall the myriad colors of seemingly endless leaves blowing about, and sometimes in winter the exquisite whiteness of snow falling, drifting, and changing the landscape to reflect the sense of  a purity that transforms the view.

I understand the differences in the perceptions of beauty. A full moon drifting through the tree tops and lighting the darkness ever so gently, is not the same kind of beauty as our Lord healing our body after the collision, or the symptoms of illness gone in a flash. His grace to forgive when we have failed to be obedient, and  have confessed our sin, is a glimpse of His endless llove for His children – a beautiful truth without compare.

Might I suggest a couple of things? First, a trip somewhere, to see wonderful, beautiful things. They are not that far away. Secondly, a commitment to open your Bible and see the infinite Truth of God’s llove for you. Please know the second suggestion is mandatory to know how to live forever,  and the first suggestion holds promise of amazement in God’s creative hands.






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