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Endings (for my young friend)

One of the issues in life is the reality of  “endings.” They come in two kinds – happy, good, desired, and necessary – and – difficult, hurtful, undesirable, and sad. Facing them well is a matter of learning and commitment. Learning to handle them with wisdom, and accept the outcome regardless of whether it is “good” or “bad” demands our clear attention and perspective.

Ending a relationship, for example,  is often difficult and painful, but mandatory when it is damaging  or dangerous to one’s future  well-being. Teen-agers often find themselves in an environment that pushes them to a wise and prudent end to a “friendship.” The introduction of alcohol, drugs, sexual misbehaviour (etc.), along with  any disruptive behaviour, must lead to an ending of  an unhealthy friendship.

Ending a relationship(s)  that allows for both individuals  to move forward in maturity and insight is one that falls in the “wise” range. Leaving a relationship to move to another area, or to attend a University, or relocate overseas, frequently leads to an end of a youthful relationship, understanding that maturity normally changes one’s focus and future.  The difficultly can be deemed good and produce genuine happiness for a necessary end.

Remind yourself that the end of a relationship is not always the end of a friendship. The end of “something” is a prominent part of life. Handling it takes a toll. But we survive, and discover that life is a gift to use wisely and with mature insight.


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