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God’s Work

Long ago God flung into space this terrestrial ball we call Earth, and outfitted it with incredible beauty. He also gave us (well, maybe not me) the ability to add, with hard work, some additional beauty in small (measured against His work) ways. I tend to notice both.

In the Finger Lakes of New York it appears that God designed some of his best (not necessarily biggest) waterfalls. Roads lead directly to some, and others take a hike, and they remind me of His obvious enjoyment of such beauty and chose to share it with us. I have been blessed to enjoy waterfalls on every Continent except Antartica. I am always reminded of His llove filling us like the streams of water falling from the heights.

When people choose to believe that everything around us, even we ourselves, are the product of happenstance I am sadden that were that true there would be no one to thank, and no One to praise. There would be no hope for a future beyond the nothing of nothingness. What a sad way to wander through life with no real future beyond the few days of our lives in the span of history.

Of course the Truth is that regardless of what one thinks, hopes, or wishes for, there is no end to our life. One day the Creator of all this beauty will take those who have been born twice to an even more unspeakably beautiful place to dwell in His presence for eternity, Others will, by their own choice, spend eternity separated from the Creator of life and beauty in a place of only sorrow and despair, burning with a never ending fire.

Tomorrow there are new (to me) mountains to see, trails to hike, and waterfalls where along the way I can see their  beauty and praise the Creator. I am eager. . .excited really, and ever so thankful for life eternal. . .yeah, it’s spectacular!




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