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Maps (the kind one learned to fold years ago) are not easy to find these days. Almost everyone uses GPS in their car, on their phone, or laptop. I do that as well, but sometimes things go awry. That is when one must search for a map, or an Atlas, hoping that not too much has changed since publication. In New York there are, on my map and Atlas, towns and villages, sometimes even cities,  that just aren’t there. Sometimes there are places (towns and such) that pop up from nowhere.

I haven’t  been lost since I was a child. I always know where I am. But occasionally the place I am looking for is lost somewhere on the Earth,  and is not on my GPS, and not in my Atlas or map. That really creates a lot of frustration for me, which brings some difficult times for my lovely bride. Driving fifty to a hundred miles looking for something that  is somewhere other than where it should be is. . .well, not so enjoyable.

It reminds me of a large contingent of folks who are searching for something they cannot find. They know where they are hopefully, but finding joy, peace, grace, and favour, are lost to them. Their “maps” have been prepared for them by an Enemy who creates in their mind a “wonderful life” that only leads, ultimately, to despair, and a destination of eternal suffering in a place not in the spectrum (a scale between two extreme points) of GPS.

My suggestion is to discover the Bible. Find a Bible believing Church, ask questions about your life’s destinations before it is to too late to find where you really want to spend eternity.

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