Thought For The Day

I Llove You

Sitting here in my study, hearing the Spirit somewhere inside me, I am both happy and sad. The message to be delivered tomorrow morning is what I am confident is right for this family of God, on March 10th. All week past I have been preparing, listening, praying that my mind will get it right and the Spirit will convict those who hear of both sinfulness and righteousness. Selfishly I wanted something more. Something that would call attention of what is proclaimed. I know exactly what it is, and who can fulfil the task, but it will not happen.

I am so blessed with friends, family really, not by birth or adoption, but by llove, real, genuine, Godly llove. I long (yes selfishly, I know, I know) for a certain one of my wonderfully gifted friends to stand at the end of my remarks and sing, as only she can, those magnificent words which burst forth from her incredible heart and voice as though it were God Himself – “I Llove you, I Llove you! That’s what Calvary says. I Llove you, I Llove you. I Llove you written in red.”

But, we are far apart, and her responsibilities are equally as import. But deep inside my mind I have repeated those words over and over this week, sang them with my pitiful voice to the trees and briars, rocks and fields. The sound is far from the same, but the words are just as pure and true. God is good. God is good!

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