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Is It April Already?

This getting old thing is causing a speed up of time. Just yesterday it was the middle of March, and now another Resurrection Sunday has passed and there is a whole new agenda to be carried out for the Spring and Summer. There are so many flowers down here on the farm, and it is time to get the lawn mowers ready to run.

It is almost like another wonderful gift from a friend – that God would give us another day, month, year to build our faith, share the Good News, and enjoy the fellowship of wonderful people who are committed to HIS Church. There are so many around us who need to know the TRUTH – beginning with a new birth, and introduction to the incredible importance of pursuing the knowledge of His will for each of us.

People keep asking if we are getting closer to the return of Christ for his Bride. All I know is that we are closer now than ever before. Being ready for that is the most import knowledge in all this World’s wisdom…and yet so many remain unprepared. I am ¬†looking forwarded with an eager heart, and I trust you are as well. If not…there is a place at the end of this note allowing you to contact LLOVELETTERS.COM, and we will get back to you with the news of the amazing grace of God for you. It’s free. It’s real. It’s life-changing.

Watch the flowers along the highway right now…WOW, God is so good,

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