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It’s Raining. . .

Down here on the Farm I spent many times this year praying for rain from June to October when we had almost none. Trees were dying, I was breaking the bank trying to pump enough water into my bride’s flower garden, and my vegetable garden produced only a few tomatoes and potatoes because I could not keep it wet enough. Now, here in November, it won’t stop raining. Every water source is full and running over. The yard is full of puddles, and the grand kids (here for Thanksgiving) are disappointed that they are missing the opportunity to create landscape havoc on the four -wheelers. I don’t know how much rain we have had because it is too wet for me to get out to the rain gage (I don’t want to get wet). BUT, I am thanking God every day for every drop. I feel like my. prayers were heard for rain, and just took a little time to get here. LOL

The truth is we are often praying for the difficult times in our life, but when things are going well, there are no major issues, and all is well on  the health front, we seldom stop to pray. Prayer is utilised as a barometer to measure our “needs,” rather than a “conversation” with the One we llove most, so we find it a burden when problems are few and scarce.Itr

I am confident that failing to pray with intensity every day, sometimes multiple times every day, is a great loss in our life. It damages our Spiritual maturity growth (sanctification), and leaves us with an uncertain confidence regarding God’s perfect will for each life. Scripture tells us to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:16-18). So…do that!



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