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Thanksgiving 2022

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, it’s raining and cold. Two of the boys (men) are here along with their families (three kids). Two more boys (men) (one more kid) will come today and we (my bride and I get to be the old people) will have the crew for 2022 Thanksgiving Day lunch (dinner) sometime in the early afternoon tomorrow.

I have stopped my endless work in the woods for today and tomorrow. We will sit around (the men) and talk today because we won’t be able to prowl around outside. The women will plan and cook great foods for tomorrow. Then after the feast some will watch the Cowboys, some will sleep, some will continue the endless chatter that always occurs after a great meal.

Sound like what everybody else does? Yeah, probably.

Understand that we are all thankful for one another, grateful that we can all get together, and that there is sufficient food stuffs to make us lazy. And that is as it should be, I guess. But there is something missing if we are not careful. A simple prayer before the meal (and we have one) is great.But real thanksgiving is not a traditional gathering, eating, talking, snoozing, rather it is a daily awareness that we are the recipients of the Llove of God, and the provision of God, 24 hours a day, every day, without fail. From the sun that warms us, the rain that sustains life, the air we breath, the food that grows, the llove that is shared among us, ad infinitum, is a gift from God. In return, He asked only that we live out the Truth (for which He gives us infinite strength) given clearly in His Word (the Bible).

Most will miss that. Many will try and fall short. And we will find an excuse. But for Heaven’s sake, try again – harder, every day, all day, without ceasing. It will change everything.

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