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Men’s Night Out

Last night it was my turn to host our Men’s Night Out. Hot dogs, trimmings, various chips, my Bride’s incredible brownies, and a few other tasty things a group of men will bring. The huge fire pit was ready to go, and the homemade grill was primed with charcoal, and every one brought their own chair and drink of choice. It was cool and the fire raging felt just right. As host I had dogs ready to eat at start time, and those who wanted to roast theirs on sticks got to work.

There is nothing better than a group of men with no agenda, and no hesitation in telling stories, both fully true, and some with a few enhancements.  Two men were there for the first time. They quickly understood that this group of men are quick to llove and interested in the value of men intertwining their lives together in Christ. We started at 6pm, and the last few were  headed to their vehicles just after 10. God had been praised, men were closer than the time before, and new friendships established for growth.

Out there among the trees, with the lake close enough to hear the frogs, and everyone conversationally involved with one or three or all, were sharing, comfortable, encouraged, strengthen,, laughing, and wondering when we would do it again.  I am confident all are hoping  – soon.

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