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Remember. . . .

TV was very different when I was a child. The first TV in our home was tiny, hard to hear (static), had lots of “snow,” and we were allowed to see only programs that had at least two Scriptures in the the presentation. Suffice it to say – “things have changed.” I remember somewhere later that we would watch a “game show” named “To Tell the Truth.” You may be too  young to remember it, but we found it interesting. Three people, one – a person of some renowned or otherwise interesting life, and two others, told the watchers they were that person.  The panel on the show would ask questions for a while, and in the end  we would guess who was telling the truth and who was lying. Sounds silly. now, but that was long, long ago.

Now it’s not so hard to tell who is lying. It’s almost everyone. The Truth is hard to find on TV, and in the business of everything from Politics to buying guaranteed merchandise, Government operations, education, financial standards, relationships, marriage, medicine,  etc., and even Church.

There is still one place where the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, is still to be found. It’s G0d’s Word – which we call Scripture. Therein lies the essence of being able to live without ever being told or sold a lie. Never a promise that is not absolute. Never a misleading thought or action.

There is a Church, most likely,  somewhere close to you where that Truth is shared,  Find it! Learn it. The Lord of Heaven and Earth said: Know the Truth and that Truth will set you free!   John:8:32



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