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I may have mentioned before that the Preacher is taking our Church through a study of. “Positional Truth.” All who join in the study seem to be excited about what they are learning. The study teaches our position as a Believer In Christ. In that position we have been made perfect in righteousness. Unfortunately we are not always focused on that, keeping our attention on how we can live in that Truth day by day.

We are exhorted to strive for practical righteousness in our daily life. If you are not sure of your position, it is hard to be committed to the righteousness God has designed for His children. The Enemy will distract one with endless concerns, struggles, and disobedience when we don’t know or understand the Truth.

Here is a little helper to get you started:

  • Since you are spiritually alive to God, live according to that new life.
  • Since you are dead to sin, don’t give sin any place in your life.
  • Since you’re forgiven, count on that and don’t go through life feeling guilty.
  • Since you’ve been declared righteous, live righteously.
  • Since you’re a child of God, act like one of God’s children.
  • Since you are God’s possession, yield to Him in humble submission. (John MacArthur)


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