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Memorial Day

Tomorrow we celebrate Memorial Day. It is the day we honour those men and women who gave their life as a sacrifice in the military actions of our Nation beginning with the Civil War and continuing thru those who have died this year in combat,

Our Nation as a whole is overflowing with multimillions of people who have have forgotten what we, as God’s people, were given as a task by God Himself. We have turned away from HIS WORDS, and death ends the opportunity to hear – or share – those words.

We need to mourn those who deserve to be mourned.  BUT we need to challenge those who are willing to hear the TRUTH. That can happen only if we KNOW the TRUTH, and are willing to share the TRUTH. 

I can’t pray God Bless America. Why would HE?

I can pray – God give your people the  wisdom, and the understanding, and courage to share the TRUTH.

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