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Some Old People Have Stuff

Today I enjoyed a wonderful time with a long, long time friend. Her husband, and my bride, watched as she shared information about some old item that sit in special spaces around their home. Some are genuine “Museum” pieces, and other long ago items that are special in her life and time. I reminded her that there are fewer and fewer “young” people who collect “stuff” and it is unlikely they appreciate those unique and valuable items, or the ones that are sentimental because they were gifts, or treasures of family long gone. I can identify with the idea that my “collections” will be the trash to some who will likely discard them when I have gone home.

The most valuable treasures in this World are often slighted, ignored, unwanted, and rejected by young adults who are building a life without knowledge of, or understanding of, Scripture – i.e. the Word of God. There are no greater treasures than those found and understood regarding the Sovereign, loving, redeeming God who reconciles all who are willing to Himself through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. Amazing grace, hope, joy, peace, llove and life eternal are just a part of the treasures offered from the Creator of life. Reality is, they are not hard to find, understand, and incorporate into a life that is willing to discover those treasures offered freely to all.

Most people find no interest in such. Just as the younger generations often choses “minimalism” in collecting items like those mentioned above, literally millions of people choose to avoid any ¬†encounter with God, and His messengers. The World’s attractions are new and exciting – and Scripture is old and boring. Unfortunately, for those who will not believe, the TRUTH is damning.

I llove the old stuff, and the new stuff. But I know the new stuff is passing away, and it’s the old stuff that wins in the end.

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