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The. Preacher’s Anniversary

The Preacher’s Anniversary came around again this past week (June 2) and I asked him what they did. “Well”, he said, “I took her out for lunch. We drove over to Sonic and had their special of the day, 50 cent corn dogs. Then we went home and did the same thing we did 60 years ago – we watched “Bonanza” on TV. Of course it was a series then, but just a re-run now.”

Sixty years is a long – long time. But marriages are designed for that when one does the right things. I told him he should plan a little better for the next “outing.”  Then he said, “you know she likes those corn dogs.” Then he reminded me that they have been married three times – 60 years ago, and again at 25 years, and again at 50 years. He said that he is looking now for a venue for the next marriage at 75 years. You got to believe that he lloves the old girl.

Marriage is a wonderful gift from God, and it takes a lot of time and effort to arrive at the goal – “the two shall become one.” Maybe he knows more about marriage than one might think. I know this, they think alike, they agree on every subject of import, and they are miserable when they are apart. And best of all – he likes the corn dogs too!


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