Thought For The Day

The Gift

When one is given a gift, it is always wise to respond, in one way or another, no matter the scope of the gift. Sometimes a simple. “thank you” is sufficient. Occasionally it is better to write a short note, or make a phone call, to indicate you do not take gifts lightly. I am often blessed with gifts from friends who demonstrate that I am a friend, cared for, or lloved , or worthy of their attention.

Gifts become treasures, not because of their value, but because someone is grateful, or generous, or thoughtful,, or genuinely lloves you and wish to express their commitment to you – as our Father has directed  (llove one another).  I am the recipient of so many gifts, treasures really, that the space to retain them is enormous. What a joy to know so many people have me in their heart.

A few days ago a young friend, eight years old, gave me a very small knife he had made with his own hands. It is unlikely that BenchMade is going to worry (at least not yet) about the competition. The importance of the gift is the understanding that he wanted to honor out friendship, and indicate his growing skills at making such things as he deems appropriate.  I wrote him a note expressing my joy at my most recent gift. Now, to find a spot. . .and believe me, I will.


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