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Old Age

I never thought it would come to this. I have watched it from a distance over the years of my life, but never expected one day the reality of being old would appear like a fire in the woods unhindered by any attempt to stop it. I am going to assume it is better than an untimely death. . .but that may be a mistake.

The Book reminds us that our “days are numbed.” From the womb we are on borrowed time. Our life is lengthly under most circumstances, but there is the inevitable truth that it can be cut short and/or end abruptly, and without our consent. Our World is fraught with life-ending possibilities, and being prepared can never come to soon. The incredible, wonderful days of living in strength and joy, family and friends, profitable means, and genuine llove is a gift that we are unwilling to give up without a fight. I agree that the fight is worth the effort, and yet the end is so much greater than the struggle to overcome the flawed World filled with pain and sorrow.

Hearing loss, insufficient sight, trembling hands, missing teeth, and falling are just a sample of what is to come. Hearing aids, special glasses, tooth implants, and walkers are a few of  the handicaps that serve  our handicaps, but the tide has turned. . .forever in this World. No going back is allowed, no comfort is forthcoming, and 0ld age is calling. It captures our attention quicker than the trumpet call to honor Old Glory at the ball game. That which is temporal is passing away – and that which is Spiritual is on the horizon beckoning with the sweet spirit of Infinite llove, surpassing peace,  and absolute rest in Christ our redeemer. I knew it would come to this. . .I just never thought it would come so quickly.

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