Thought For The Day

Standing Firm

How easy is it to begin a journey that can lead to doubt and fear when one choses to spend time away from the llove and care that one can know in a Church that is designed to live out the pattern found in Scripture. Choosing to sleep late on Sunday morning, planning events that take the place of Worship, even allowing a lack of interest to interrupt the power of gathering with the family of God, can wreak havoc in one’s life.

Believers are called out from the World’s temptations, and the Enemy’s constant alluring suggestions that gathering with God’s family is not a necessary focus in one’s life. The Truth is that the Scripture expects that we will be focused on the task of maturing in faith, hope, and llove, as well as obedience to the disciplines of discipleship. When we abandon that aspect of God’s purpose we will always find it easy to lose contact with God, His family (the Church), and lloving brothers and sisters in Christ.

Christ has called all the “redeemed” (those who are rightly born again to new life in Christ) to regularly draw together and minister to one another, become mature in the Faith, and reach out to those who are moving toward separation from God forever. Your role in that task is discovered in the Church. Don’t abandon that unique opportunity which will fill  your life with joy, peace, comfort, and certainty. Find your self in Church regularly.


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