Thought For The Day

Brother. It’s Cold!

Since when does it get down to twelve (12) degrees in East Texas? It is cold out there and there is white stuff on the ground and the trees are dropping their limbs, the debris is everywhere, and I am just praying our water won’t freeze and our electric service won’t go down. I have work to do and I am not going out there to do it, so it will go undone – which means later it will be even harder to finish. I don’t like being cold unless I am at the top of the ski lift. . .and headed down. Then – let it rip!

I can only imagine Spring and Fall in Heaven. But if our Father keeps the four seasons I will only praise Him. The snow is really beautiful, and I won’t complain. God in his infinite wisdom designed this, and so it has to be perfect…but the truth is I am still COLD.


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