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The Secretive Heart

How easy is it to let ourself believe that we are where we ought to be Spiritually  when we measure our standing before God by way of the crowd .around us?

Proverbs 16:2 is a challenging verse from God’s revelation (the Bible) to us. It is common for many people to determine their Spiritual nature by making sure we look like those around us. Out motive is often measured by a standard outside Scripture – which is the only standard that counts – and we find that genuine intimacy with God is a task/joy that is not present in our day to day walk. Attending Church, daily Bible reading, and
“saying grace” over lunch will not bring us to an intimate relationship with our Savior and Lord. Spending time in God’s word will quickly reveal the Truth. Our right relationship with God comes in placing Him in FIRST PLACE in every aspect of our life. When we are distracted by the Enemy our intimacy wanes, and the mandatory focus required for Godliness is lost. When we find ourselves in that  intimate position all else (life’s normal operation) will be satisfied as well. We can have both (Godliness and success in handling each day) when we are motivated by His Truth and Spirit.

Never forsake the “things” of God for the “things” of this World.

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