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Burning Brush

The  Preacher’s place is a mess with all the piles of brush that have been stacked up during the drouth that has kept a burn ban in place. Now the ban is over (for a few days perhaps) and he has me back on the trail of “getting them gone.” Some of them are huge in diameter, and tall, and the task is a risky one even though we always string out sufficient water hose to keep everything under control. We succeeded in burning two yesterday, before the wind stopped us again.

Sometimes it seems as if our whole World is on fire – actual disaster. But the reality is there is so much going wrong (Hawaii, Morocco, Turkey, Ukraine, on the borders of the United States, Israel, etc., for example) in our World, it would  seem that there is reason to believe we are reaching the “end of the age” more quickly than one can imagine.

Those of us whose calling from God our Father is to share Christ, are losing the battle in reaching our World with the Good News of redemption from the curse of sin and death. If you are a Believer, get busy! If not, contact me. I have a Saviour who will give you eternal life, here and now, and forever in Heaven. 

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