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In is Out

Perhaps it is time to think differently regarding a very important part of our journey to Spiritual maturity. One of the most common phrases we hear is “do you believe in God.” I interpret that to me “do you believe there is a God, and if so is He part and parcel of your life?”

Doing away with the “in” changes the entire subject. God Is!! That is a simple fact, a reality that is understood by all who have any intelligence and understanding of life. But, do you believe God — what He has  created, revealed, said, done, and desires in relationship to Himself, which comes down to a simple matter of whether one believes what is true (Truth), or doesn’t.

The vast majority of people say they believe in God. But the number who “believe Him”  is much, much smaller. Many of those who would say – “Yes, I believe,” live without the certainty of His presence (via the Holy Spirit) in their day to day walk, and live in disobedience to the revealed Word of God, which was given as the guide to an abundant life, now and eternally, filled with joy, peace, comfort, Godliness, holiness, and victory.

Ask  yourself – Do I believe God. . .or do I believe in (there is a) God, and live without the peace and comfort of knowing and understanding Him.

Try some time living without the “in”.

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