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Ever Want To Get Away?

The ads on TV, and in magazines and such, commend the activity. I suppose  the desire comes from having too much work to accomplish, or perhaps there are folks  you would like to avoid for a while.

Fortunately for me I don’t have to go far to “get away.” Out the back door and in every direction there is lots of space that is out of sight, quiet, away from struggles and problems, and untouched by human hands. I can walk for an hour and see all kind of unusual things, and if there are sounds, other than the wildlife, I just can’t hear it.  Granted, one has to realize that it is not more than a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of every day, but for the moments (hours) spent one can believe that they are an infinite distance from the struggles of everyday life.

Of course one will soon realize that  which they are wishing to escape is still with them, because it is inside, not outside, that drives one from the day to day walk of life. There is great relief in finding a wonderful place where one can focus on the peaceful calm of quiet and different. Walking, riding, or standing in beautiful solitude is more helpful mentally than physically. And that’s the way it is supposed to be. Afterward, remind yourself that the peace you seek is more spiritual than temporal.

A verses of Scripture comes to mind. . . “Be still and know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10

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