Thought For The Day

The Fence

Some three years ago my neighbour on the North took out about a quarter mile of  fence to harvest some trees. He promised to replace the fence when the harvest was finished – but there were a few obstacles to his  doing so. Yesterday the new fence began being installed and will be finished in a day or two. I am excited for several reasons – but they need not be discussed here. Now my property will be usable for things that I have been unable to accomplish due to a lacking fence. Boundaries are important in many ways, as you well know.

So it is in our life as Believers, The Enemy is always busy trying to damage and destroy the fences establish in the Word of God. As the chosen children of God, redeemed by the blood of Christ, we are subjected to the evils of his kingdom. The Enemy is looking to kill, steal, and destroy. His cunningness is monstrous and pervasive. Even though he has no power in our lives, he is willing to find those weakness in our day to day struggles and exploit them into disobedience regarding the ” fences” of Truth. When we are distracted and damaged by sin we cannot grow Spiritually, or effectively impact the lives of others in living Godly lives. We lose sight of  our calling, our strength to be holy, and the ability to walk in peace and victory through each day.

Allow the Enemy no access to your life. Keep the fences close, tight, and strong.


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