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What Are You Known For?

Do you want to be know as a man or woman of God? The Scripture is clear. In 1 Timothy 6:11-16, Paul is reminding and encouraging Timothy regarding the matter.

Flee from unGodly things. In the preceding verses (see 6:1-11 for examples) Paul points out a few of those things. No doubt,  if you are a Believer you are more than cognizant of those kind of things in your life. It is high time to lay aside those things that keep us from righteousness and purity before God.

Pursue righteousness, Godliness, llove, patience, and gentleness. That is a work of God’s Spirit in you as you yield to His authority. (See Galatians 5:22-26)

Fight for the Faith. We get the word “agonize” from “fight” – a word used by athletes and in the armed services, to describe the effort required to win the battle. The “good fight” is the battle against the Kingdom of darkness which so often surrounds us.

Be faithful to the commandment. That is a reference to the total revelation of Truth in God’s Word. Paul reminded Timothy to “guard” the Word as well to make sure failure was not a factor in his life, and to protect other from the same kind of failure.

Simple Truth. Get it in you!




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