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The Total Eclipse of 2024

We are supposed to get a moment (or a few) to see the total eclipse of the sun while the moon moves along a path across our little farm. I am excited to see such an event (if the clouds hold off). It reminds me of the passing of life – from birth to our transition to glory – in a sense. We begin on this Earth with a certain number of years to accomplish whatever it is that we are willing to accomplish, as time moves across us eventually blotting out our stay here in this life. The event of tomorrow (April 8, 2024) will be a few minutes – our life, a few years. What we do during  those years of life will determine the outcome of what lies beyond.

With the Eclipse, the sun will appear again in its fulness and continue the task established by God when He spoke this Universe into existence. What happens at the end of our life here on this Planet is entirely governed by what we have chosen – Eternal Life or Eternal Death. I am confident that the time for choice in the matter is looming toward the closing of time.

If you have the opportunity to see this Eclipse, take it. If you hear the message of Eternal life, embrace it. The Eclipse will be brief, but amazing. Eternal life will be forever because of Christ’s amazing grace.  Don’t miss it!! John 3:16

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