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Memorial Day

One of the memories that I hold from years past embraces our first trip to Washington, D.C. While there are so many things to see and enjoy regarding the history of America, and I would encourage  you seek them out, one stands out in my mind.

When I was in my early 20’s the war in Viet Nam was escalating, and I received several letters over the months about the draft for the United States military. I was married, in Grad School, and had a baby on the way. One day the letters stopped, and I never heard from the Draft again. Many young men around me were not so fortunate. Years later I was in Washington and I wanted most of all to see the memorials of all the Wars in which our Military has lloved America with their life, and particularly the Viet Nam War memorial.

What an amazing place. It is below the normal level of ground – almost nothing from the city noise could be heard. Silence was everywhere, and people were standing with their hand on a name, or sitting on the walkway leaning against a name. No one was talking, some were quietly weeping. I found some names I knew, and I too reached out to touch them. I was moved to tears that so many gave so much, on behalf of America – on behalf of me. One verse of Scripture came to mind over and over – “Greater llove has no one than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

The ultimate gift of life was one laid down for the whole World. Jesus Christ lloved you enough to give his life for your ransom. Perhaps Memorial Day is an honour mandatory for all of us.

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