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Remember to Pray

Time rushes on, at least it does if one is getting older. Each day is a treasure to be enjoyed. That does not mean that there is no time to pray, just that being thoughtful to do it is important. I find it necessary to remind myself frequently. Today I am thinking about a few of the reasons to do so –

When you awaken – again! A new day to work, or play, or daydream a little about the Father’s blessings in your life. Your family comes to mind, your friends – those whom you most value – remembering their circumstances as your own. If you are known as someone who prays, there are those who have asked for your prayer – the sick, the infirm, the needy, the death, the lost, the troublemaker. There is time for praising God for the sunshine, or the rain, the warmth or the cool breeze. Asking HIM to bless your city, town, village, farm – whatever – and of course your Church – those who are praying for you – perhaps. Then there is the food you eat, the medicine you take, the abode where you dwell, and safety on the highway if you’re headed for somewhere. Well, that’s a few – there are more – lots more.

It takes time to pray – I know, I know, but you have the whole day, or night if you labor while it’s dark. There’s no time frame when God will listen, He is there. All the time. Open to a clean heart and mind. Ready to respond by always doing what is right and best for you, His precious child, and those for whom  you pray.

Don’t just set aside a time to pray. Pray without end. . .you don’t have to make a sound.


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