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Palm Sunday

I am not sure I understand why this Sunday each year is celebrated by many people. Maybe there are not as many as I think. In any case I don’t get it. Yes, according to Matthew Jesus rode into Jerusalem that day and people gathered, and some spread their robes, and others cut branches (Palm, perhaps) and spread them on the road. Indeed the Messiah was in town and there was a lot of excitement for the moment. But it was short-lived, and He had been coming there for  the entirety of His lifetime. Within days some of the same people were undoubtedly screaming “crucify Him.”

There are those, whom I believe to be legion, who do much the same every Sunday of the year. Some don’t bother to get excited, and even more ignore the whole day never thinking that they have the opportunity to gather for for a collective meeting with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, sharing Truth and discovering the path to maturity in the Faith. I don’t want to write critically of those who are God’s children – but, my soul, how can we find enough excuses to pacify the certainty that we are to gather together for Worship, Spiritual maturity, celebration, and a deep intertwining of our lives?

Think about it! One day. One time to be collective loving Him! Then back to things that are less important than Amazing Grace.

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