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Resurrection Sunday

This coming Sunday many folks will meet for a sunrise service, then a second service at their place of Worship, believing that this is one day that shouldn’t (or can’t) be skipped. Flowers will abound, and there will  be special productions presented by the Choir, and God’s ministers of Truth will open the Scriptures to proclaim that Truth.

Perhaps that is exactly what is right and good. Some who are seemingly careless on “lesser” Sundays will get their opportunity to boast of their allegiance to Christ. Subsequent Sunday’s will be relegated to other “more important tasks” and the “rest” that is needed by those who work so hard each day keeping up with the neighbours.

These words seem callous and could be construed to reveal a bitterness toward certain people, but I assure that is not the underlying issue. Rather it is just a matter of. clarity as to the reality that every Sunday (and indeed every other day) is resurrection day. Because of His sacrificial death and resurrection, life is ours in Him. Everyday is a day when He is purposely, infinitely, perfectly carrying out the task of changing His children into the image of Christ (see Romans 8:29). So many of us miss that, or fail to understand that, or care responsibly about that.

I can’t help but wonder if our infinite God, who is ready to fill our days with Christlike life, joy, peace, happiness, and every – yes every – need, is standing unheard and unrevealed (through the power of His Holy Spirit in His offspring, purchased through the redemptive blood of our  Savior), awaiting our attention.


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