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Sometimes. . .

Sometimes the things you want to do are limited by a shortage of time, or finances, or your health. They might even be a bit more than your strength, or courage, allows. It is a real bummer to wish you had started earlier on sky diving, rock climbing, ascending the really tall  mountains, spelunking, swimming with whales, exploring along the Amazon….well, I could go on and on (as some of you know) about “coulda, woulda, shoulda.” Now may just be too late, or perhaps an injury is blocking your opportunity, or your spouse threatens to “leave you” if you try such an adventure.

One of  my friends just returned from a trip to Yellowstone National Park. As he talked about his hiking, and seeing the incredible beauty of such places, I was reminded of my visit there a few years ago. It is one amazing place that God has thrown into his lineup of incredibly beautiful places. But…time and growing old have limited the possibilities of what “could have been.”

There are other possibilities out there – if you have the time and money it takes, but I have decided that the best things in life are as available in the “older” years as they are in the younger. Some of us are realising that we can know God, His Truth, His llove, His forever goodness (there is more, so much more) and it can be accomplished by someone young or old, infirm or strong, brilliant or less so, if we are willing to take the time and expend the effort to reach a place where Heaven becomes the primary focus of our attention. Don’t hear me say we should stop being active to the point of possibility, but so many are unable to carry out the joy of youth and middle age, and drawing closer to God in the latter years is a wonderful way to spend time as we look forward to His coming, or our going. We can have no better friend, master, companion, and LORD.

By the way, He does not mind if you dream of being young enough to do more amazing things, and should have KNOWN Him better.

So, if you are young, discover His endless llove and grace. Climb a mountain, take a hike, run a race, leap into space from an airplane, if you want. He will always be there for you. And in the closing years, He will be  “clearer, nearer, and dearer” – when He is in unobstructed focus, and Heaven is on the horizon, and life is rich with the knowledge of Him who is Lord of All, King of Kings, Master of Everything, and lloves you beyond measure.

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