Thought For The Day

Return to Beauty

For me it is always good to see beautiful trees. Like a lot of folks I enjoy places like Muir Woods near San Francisco, or the really old forests in Oregon and Washington, and Maine. But I spend most of my time with the trees here on the farm God gave me. There are so many abandoned spots where briars have been growing for ever. . .or at least a lot of years, and I am dedicated to eradicating them from the trees.

When one looks at a “briar tree” most of what is thought to be the leaves of the tree is actually the briar leaves that have grown from the ground to the tree tops and spread themselves like the water running over the spillway in a too full lake. A seventy foot tree can have briars that are, when extracted, over a hundred feet long. It is a back breaking, mind mending, bloody mess.

So it is for many who are entangled in the thorns and briars of this World (Satan’s deadly system of disobedience regarding the Truth). Only the cleansing blood of Christ, poured out for US, can change that pain and struggle (along with the eternity separated from God) into the peace and joy of those who BELIEVE. Why not seek HIM today? It ¬†will ease the hurt and remove the damage, and allow one to know real life as designed by God.