Thought For The Day

Christ in You

One of the real struggles in maturing as a Believer is understanding that Christ actually dwells in us. Paul gives us that Truth in Colossians 1:27. He follows that statement with sharing his struggle in concern over every Believer coming to understand that. We have a tendency at times to want to look elsewhere for strength, knowledge, and fellowship along the journey of life. Paul feared that his absence would allow new Believers to be drawn away from Truth by the foolishness of teachers and leaders who did not understand the reality of the indwelling Christ.

Scripture is clear that we (Believers) are to be “knit together in llove,” and can discover the “treasures and wisdom” (see Colossians 2:3), if we are privy to the Truth.

Receiving redemption (the grace gift of God through faith in Christ) is only the beginning of God’s design. Once there, we are able, and mandatorily required to “walk in Him” (that is Christ) as we are rooted, established, and built up by Him in the journey to Spiritual maturity.

The Church of Jesus Christ has not been totally successfully instilling that mind set in a significant number of those who are part of our “family.” There are at least two reason why that is true. First, there are those who have not yet actually come to faith ij Christ (born again). Secondly, there exists a lesser understanding of the reality that Christ actually dwells in those who genuinely believe (exercised believing faith) and subsequently have not begun to live with Christ within them as Lord of all.

Leaders of the Church in 2020 should consider adopting Paul’s concerns!