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Wrong Words

Since the Scripture is absolute Truth all the words that appear there are the words that God intended to be part of the Bible. Some of those words are embarrassing for the person about whom they were spoken. Those words fit too many folks right here and now, just as they did then. It’s time for a change regarding them if they include you.

Read the accounts in all four Gospels regarding the Resurrection of Christ on that Sunday morning so long ago. To help you find those words, here is a general list and may vary based on the “version” of your Bible.

Fear, amazed, alarmed, mourning, weeping, nonsense, unwise, slow, touch. . .

These are the people who walked with Jesus throughout His Earthly ministry, heard Him preach and teach over and over again. They had intimate conversations with Him, spent their time with Him and yet they felt all of these emotions (???) upon hearing about, or seeing, the empty tomb. One would think they would be shouting with joy, speaking words of praise, singing and abounding in enthusiasm. Not so. Not so.

We have had 2000 years to understand what the Resurrection mean to our life on a day to day basis. We have seen, and perhaps, experienced the power of Christ alive and working in our daily life. We have heard (or know) of the victory that comes with obedience and commitment to Truth, and yet the reality is that these same words often (or always) apply to us as well. Are you ever alarmed? Do you think the call for holiness in our life is nonsense? Are you slow to learn the Truth and live it?

The Angel said, “Don’t be alarmed!” (See Mark 16:1-6) I am saying don’t get caught in any of these behaviours. He’s ALIVE! Every Sunday must be a day to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior and Lord. Read the Book! We have it all! We are invincible, and filled with His Spirit. He’s ALIVE!!

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