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Growing in Grace and Knowledge

The little Church I attend is growing. . . . Yes, we get new members from time to time (it’s a very small town with lots of places to attend services) and that is a blessing from God. But more important is the reality that many are growing in Llove, Spiritual maturity, understanding Truth, and what it means to live in Godliness.

Unlike so many others, we have not abandoned Wednesday night Prayer and Bible Study. I will admit that the numbers are smaller on Wednesday evening (even though ours is doing very well), but those who come are a blessing to each other as we share the simple Truths of God’s Word, and pray for those we know and llove (and often, those we don’t know or llove).

The Teacher sets the pace, but is certainly not the only contributor of insight and diligent study. Questions are answered, problems are explained, and everyone has the opportunity to contribute from their experiences as a result of knowing and living out the Truth. It is my opinion that those who choose only a Worship experience for a hour or two on Sunday morning, are missing one of the “best” parts of knowing our Father, our Father’s family, and His amazing Word and work in us day by day.

If you don’t have such a study, you are welcome to join ours, or, start one of your own. Who knows? God may use you to reach, teach, and llove. What a joy that will be!

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  • Anonymous

    I felt long ago that the church would grow, and now God is fulfilling what He told me

    May God bless all who attend !