Thought For The Day

To All the Media. . .

Hey,  Y’all. Take a moment, grab a dictionary, or get your laptop working. Look up the definition for the word “BOUNTY.” Then stop with all the “stories” about how one can “get a bounty” for filing suit in a Court of Law against a murderer or an assistant to a murderer. I am fully confident that no one that might file such a suit regarding abortion law is looking for any thing except a “judgment” in their favor regarding the suit. Twisting words (using them incorrectly) to mean things they don’t mean is part and parcel of destroying our society.

This practice (using words for incendiary purposes) is beneath a “journalist” or a “reporter.” If words are a problem for you (as one or the other or both), give me a holler. I will help you figure out the correct word.

Yes!! I do understand the word “agenda.”