Thought For The Day


Hearing  the comments of so many people who do not understand the realities of life is always difficult. When one does not know, or does not understand that this World is filled with evil that has damaged minds and hearts (one’s innermost being), and filled our varied societies with anger, intolerance and hatred, speaking foolishly creates more of the same issues. Recently a prominent individual spoke in a manner to reveal that she is unaware of the Truth. Her statement was, “There is no cure for hatred.” At the same time, multiple individuals who have a platform to speak broadly, are/were quick to “renew” the never ending rage for “gun control,” “gun reform,” and “gun confiscation,” the repeal of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (along, with an agenda to ultimately destroy it all), and defeating the scourge of “white supremacy.”

There is a cure for Hate. It is Llove. Free, easy  to obtain, and lasts forever. It resolves problems in every facet of life. It creates wisdom, care, insight, understanding, concern for others, peace, joy, and eradicates evil. It’s time for America’s leadership to hear, learn, change, build a society that is based on the founding principles of this Nation. It’s time  to return Truth (God’s Word), prayer, and Biblical principles to schools. It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to speak louder and longer than ever before.  It’s time to elect Godly women and men to Government positions. In time, America will change.

If I had a weapon, and Government took it from me, it would not save a single life. I will never hate  anyone to that extreme (or at all). If one person comes to faith in Christ, it is possible, perhaps likely, that many lives might be spared.

Hate is curable. Rage and violence can be taken from society.Will that happen? Unlikely.  Our leadership doesn’t have the courage to stand for Truth regardless the cost. So the costs go on. . .forever rising and moving the United States to dissolution. If our leadership continues the current path,  and our Savior delays His return, at least our beloved Nation will pass from history without a gun, beating each other to death with a hammer.